Build Your Brand, Build Yourself

When my supervisor told me about the Nitobe School Basic Program, I was very interested. I was not interested in the credits I could gain. I was more interested in the content. I was keen to develop myself, and I was curious to see what the course could offer. In addition, I had an opportunity to meet other students.

I have since graduated from the Basic Program; and I have NO REGRETS. I met some amazing people, have awesome memories and learnt some lessons I will never forget. The methodology is hands on, open and thought provoking; and so I learnt a lot from my own work, from the work within the course and from colleagues, professors and mentors. Several aspects of the course have helped me develop my own research. Through the course, I grew both mentally and emotionally.

So, how would I define the course? I say, ‘The Nitobe School Basic Program is a life course’. It teaches you how to practically manage the benefits we gain via academic pursuits through offering deeper insight and experience. Throughout the course you are building yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, making friends, learning how to manage a team, learning how to give back to society and those around you whilst developing your professional ethic. These skills are not easily learnt in the classroom. However, the course broadens your perspective and network, opening you up to the world.

But how do I offer myself to the world? How do I get where I want to go? This has been a tough question for me. During a mentorship session, one of the mentors talked about her own experiences traversing through academics and careers. She asked herself, “What’s my goal? What’s my slogan? How am I making them real in my life today?” Her answers changed several times along the way, but whenever she decided on what her answer was, she made sure to excel in it, building herself as she went forward.

From the session, I gained new resolve: If I’m to bless the world around me, I need to be true to myself, follow my interests, what I love and give my best in all I do starting now. It’s about building my brand, building myself and sharing my best with others.

If you are interested in developing and discovering yourself, then please take this course. You won’t regret it!


Sikopo Nyambe
Graduate School of Health Sciences