Special English event held

On the afternoon of July 25 (Saturday) a special event related to the Nitobe School English course was held. Getting rid of the framework of usual classes, it took place in the spirit of having the opportunity to use English actively in a free and frank atmosphere.

The first part of this event was a “special workshop” to challenge the students to solve puzzles in English. The instructors were Mr Alex Babulall and Mr Alan Milby, British Council.

As an ice-breaker, a dozen of participants found some common points among them by communicating with each other. After getting in pairs, they tried to solve several puzzles.

Once solved, they told an instructor. If they answered correctly, they proceeded to the next stage. Brainteasers were contained, so some pairs seemed to have trouble answering.

In the case of an incorrect answer to the puzzle, the pair was challenged to a game. They had to try complete a ping-pong challenge, a cup flip challenge or similar by communicating with each other in English.

Thus, the students enjoyed thinking and conversing in English through the above workshop.

The second part was titled “Jimpa in English.” They prepared for and enjoyed a barbecue party in English. Two English instructors and several Nitobe School staff participated in the party. It was be a good opportunity for the students to polish their English.