Lecture and Exchange Meeting with Nitobe Graduate School Mentors

The second Lecture and Exchange Meeting with Nitobe Graduate School Mentors was held on Saturday, November 26 at Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Hokkaido University.

Graduates from Hokkaido University graduate schools and are playing active roles in various fields in society serve as mentors and the event is held twice a year. As approachable role models for Nitobe School students, they help students become more conscious of their careers and broaden their perspectives.

In the first session, each of the six mentors presented his/her career in Japanese and English. Nitobe School students was inspired and listened carefully to their suggestions and joy of pursuing career based on their work experience.

In the second session, the mentors and students divided in several groups and exchanged ideas. They discussed on the topic of their interests and challenges facing in their research activities and job hunting and so on. Mentors advised students based on their own experiences both in the university and society.

In the end of the second session, each group summarized the result of the discussion on the poster and made three minute-presentation.  Students had a good opportunity to consider how they could spend their graduate school years having good motivation toward study and research.


Thank you very much for seven mentors who cooperated in the event.