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    Participation and Completion

    Qualifications for participation

    • Qualified students are those who are registered in programs of the graduate schools of Hokkaido University as of April 2016, and who are able to attend the courses of the Nitobe Program for Graduate Students.

    Prerequisites for completion of the program

    To be certified as having completed the Program, in addition to the degree in their major, students will be evaluated according to the number of credits they gained versus how many they should have gained in the Program (8 credits for courses in the basic program and 4 credits for a course in the advanced program) and according to the learning process based on the Nitobe Portfolio.

    Break and restart of taking courses in the program

    It is assumed that students in the program will gain prescribed credits in a year in the basic program and in the advanced program. Taking a break and restarting the course is also possible. To be more precise, for the 4 core courses in the basic program and for the Project Planning and Solution Course in the advanced program, students will be permitted to take a break from a course and restart it by reporting this in a predetermined manner in the event that it is difficult for the student to continue the course and gain credits. (The students are required to continue their Nitobe Portfolio during the break.) When a student has become ineligible to participate in the Program due to completion of the master’s degree program or the doctoral degree program or due to withdrawal from the graduate school, his or her participation in the program will be terminated.

    Forms of Leavers, Leave of Absence and Re-Enrollment

    Students who have decided to leave the Nitobe Program for Graduate Students, or decided to take a leave of absence or seek re-enrollment due to unavoidable circumstances must submit the following documentation to the Nitobe School Office (Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education 1F, Graduate School Counter No. 6). Since these affect Team-Based Learning (TBL), any student in this kind of situation has to contact the faculty member in charge of the Nitobe Program for Graduate Students as early as possible.


    Notification of Dropout

    Notification of Leave of Absence

    Notification Re-enrollment