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    Nitobe School “Opening Ceremony” was held

    The opening ceremony of the Nitobe Program for Graduate Students (Nitobe School), a special graduate program at Hokkaido University, was held at Auditorium in Multi-Media Education Building from 13:30 on May 9 (Saturday). This program has started from AY 2015.

    Applicants for Nitobe School students had been accepted in April so that there were 118 applicants from almost every graduate school. After the impartial examination 64 persons have been admitted as Nitobe School students.



    In the opening ceremony attended Prof. Keizo Yamaguchi, Principal (Hokkaido University President), Mr. Takashi Ishiyama, President of the Hokkaido University Federation of Alumni Association (Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd. President and CEO), Mr. Jeff Streeter, Cultural Counsellor of British Embassy (British Council Director Japan), including Prof. Takahiko Nitta, Deputy Principal (Hokkaido University Executive and Vice President), several Executives and Vice Presidents, Deans of graduate schools, as well as prospective mentors and the first-term Nitobe School students.



    At the ceremony, firstly there was a greeting from Prof. Yamaguchi, addressing “To all students enrolled on the Nitobe School program, I sincerely hope that you show pride as first-term students; that your studies at Nitobe School will be significant; and that your experiences here become the hub of a network that links Nitobe School with the world as you contribute to the development of global society as future leaders.”

    Secondly there was a congratulatory address from a guest, Mr. Ishiyama. We received an encouraging message from him: “I expect the school students to be active as leaders in the globalized economic society.”



    Subsequently, Mr. Streeter, another guest, gave us a lecture titled “Global Skills for a Globalised World,” telling about abilities and skills of postgraduate students required in the current international society, showing a variety of world-wide data.



    After the ceremony, as the first part of the special opening program, Prof. Masakane Yamashita, Vice Principal, gave us an address. Then, lectures by four prospective mentors were carried out. The school students had been inspired a great deal by their stories that were based on the seniors’ experiences.


    In the second part of the special opening program, there held a workshop that the School students and teachers took part in. Students exchanged their ideas on learning in Nitobe School, writing down their own problems at present and the solutions to sticky notes, classifying them on a white board and giving short comments. By this workshop they were able to communicate well each other and make a network, along with increasing their motivation for prospective learning at Nitobe School.