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    Lecture ”World Class or Not at All”: Nitobe School Advanced Program (test-run)

    Nitobe School will hold a lecture of  “Nitobe School Advanced Program (test-run).” The lecturer is Dr. Masato Horie. He will give us a talk about pharmaceutical world, global competition/collaboration and achieving goals. Do not miss it, especially, those who want to work in pharmaceutical companies and global societies!

    Lecture: Nitobe School Advanced Program (test-run) Lecture Series 3
     ”World class or not at all”

    Speaker: Dr. Masato Horie
         (B.A. M.S. Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan)
    Principal Investigator, Department of CNS Research, Otsuka
    Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Date: Tuesday, 6 Dec, from 16:30~17:45
    Venue: Auditorium, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
    Language: ENGLISH

    Participants: Students and faculty/staff of Hokkaido University
    Other: Free of charge, No prior application policy.

    堀江 氏講演