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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Course General:

    Q1) In relation to Nitobe School courses, I must be absent from twice sessions in a class in order to attend other class in my Graduate School. Even in that case, can I enroll in Nitobe School?
    A1) Basically you can, but it differs in the format and assignment each course.
    Please ask teaching staff of the course concerned after the admission.

    Q2) When and how should I register the courses in Nitobe School?
    A2) The period and procedure are different in each courses. For more information, please check the “Course Registration Method” As of AY 2016, students do not need to register by themselves since Nitobe School Office will register the students for the course.

    Q3) Are Nitobe School subjects included in the credits required for completion of master’s program?
    A3) Nitobe School subjects are offered as Inter-Graduate School Classes, and
    can also be added to the completion requirements. As the number of credits in each Graduate School is different, please ask Academic Affairs Office in your graduate school for more information.

    Q4) I am a graduate student at doctoral program. Can I attend classes of Nitobe School?
    A4) You can apply for Nitobe School even if you are a graduate student of doctoral program as well as master’s program. The Nitobe School students will be able to take the basic and support courses (English courses).


    Support (English) courses

    Q1) Can I attend all of the Nitobe School English courses (Ia, IIa, Ib, IIb) ?
    A1) Yes, you can. However, if the student number is greater than the capacity, you may not be able to attend.

    Q2) Although English Ia course has already been offering, are there any difference between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday class?
    A2) As for English course, each of the five classes has basically the same contents. However, according to your English proficiency, the students are to belong to one of five classes. Tuesday and Friday class are for Pre-intermediate level (about 450 TOEFL score or less), Monday and Thursday class are for intermediate level (approximately from 450 to 530 TOEFL score) and Wednesday class is for advanced level (about 530 TOEFL score or higher).

    Q3) Can English courses, e.g., Ia and IIa, which amount to 2 credits, be included in 8 credits required for the completion of Nitobe School Basic Program?
    A3) For example, by offering in advance, you can substitute 2 credits of English courses for 2 credits of Nitobe School II(Global Issue course), III (Problem-Solving course) and IV(Problem Finding course) in the Basic Program (Amounting to 8 credits).